Corny Crap


Are you faggots hungry for a FAT, thick nasty load of Poppa’s gay, stinking, disgusting corn-filled crap? Have a seat, homo! It’s on the menu ♥ Poppa’s back, baby … this is my first new video for 2018, and there will be more to cum. Always in high-definition 1080p!

In “Corny Crap” you get to see me take a huge dump of varying consistency on my window ledge in HD … replete with a loud, dreamy slo-mo replay … thick after-shit wipage, and flushing. Afterwards, I talk about what’s been fueling my faggot feces production, and include some wonderful close-up macro photographs for your enjoyment. Look at those dirty corn kernels in my SHIT! And omg, this one STUNK so bad. You’ve never had a corn roast like this, haha. I even wrap my lips around my own disgusting turd, giving it a nice sucking and taking some in my mouth. I wouldn’t classify this one as a shit-eating clip, in my opinion … but nonetheless, it’s hot. And if you want shit-eating clips, let me know!

P.S. I realize I haven’t given away the entire farm (figuratively speaking) in the GIF this time. I even censored it a little … that’s by design. But trust me when I say, the GIF doesn’t do this video justice. You will cream your pants at the sight of my hot male homosexual poop! I’m also setting the price for this one lower than usual, albeit for a LIMITED time. Get it while it’s hot, boys. ♥ :3

TECHNICAL DEETS: With your purchase of this clip you receive the following downloads:

– One large 1080p MP4
– One large 1080p MKV
– One large 1080p WMV
– One small 1080p MP4, for faster smartphone streaming
– One ZIP folder containing 24 high-res JPG photographs

Enjoy my excrement and cum again soon for more, pig! Love always,

Poppa xoxo ♥

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