Close Views Of Me Shitting


Sold By : Stinky Steve


The name says it all! Three different times I took a shit and had the camera up close and personal with my asshole so you don’t miss anything. But it gets better! My owner Goddess Tempest got a bigger studio now so it’s a whole new location! The third scene I sat back against the wall and took a big and slow shit right on the new tile floor. Watch as my thick shit push my ass cheeks apart and LITERALLY slither over the floor as I push it out. This was so great I had to get myself off. Watch my thick while cum pour out on my big pile of shit! Note: Keep checking in because I try as far as possible to upload new clips every 24 to 48 hours.

Stinky Steve is well known by some as “Devoted Sub” the full time live in human toilet slave of the highly respected Goddess Tempest. Steve has been into the scat and human toilet scene his whole life. Playing with and eating poop isn’t just a fetish for Steve. It’s truly the way of life for him.