Chocolate Slim Jim’s Booty Werk Farts & More!!


Slim Jim and that ass I can’t get enough!! He blessed us once more with a new ASStonishing clip!! I enjoy a variety of Asses, male and female, but good lawd, that bubble on Slim Jim drives me wild!! He begins with an EXPLOSIVE bunch of farts on the bowl, pushing out fart after fart as he spreads his booty. You can see his hole pushing out. To loosen up more, he gets on all fours Spreads and shakes his phat ass some more while pushing out more farts on the floor!! He even twerks and poots while bent over in front of the toilet!! It Looks like all this farting and jiggling done loosened his bussy all the way, as he pushes out a lil more than farts in the end!!! This turned into a lovely collection of farts, Booty, and Bew Bew!!

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