Brown Dressing


Our favourite filthy boy is back in a new 3 part epic over an hour and a quarter long.
That means more shit, more piss, more filth and more fun than ever before!
Our scene starts with our boy dressed in his skin tight shinny rubber outfit, it’s not long before his big smooth cock is struggling to escape and unleash it’s golden piss all over the place!
Then his attention turns to his tight white shit hole, thankfully it’s not destined to stay tight or white for very long though as a good dildo ride soon leaves it gaping and covered in his own brown brand of anal lube!
Of course this beautiful brown butt fudge needs sampling and he does this by eagerly licking it from his dildo, time for some shit wanking, before his favourite activity of body smearing begins!
More arse play ensues when two whole condoms of saved shit come into play, naturally they find their way back into his eager hole to be dispensed again as he takes delight in shitting them back out, giving us a the beautiful view of his gaping brown crap crater in the process.
The contents of these condoms then gets emptied into his shit repacking device as he refills his hole to bursting point!
We then get to see the sheer relief of pleasure and enjoyment on his face as his shits the entire load out onto his bedsheets, dam this boy’s mum is going to have some laundry to do after!
The temptation of a fresh smooth and warm load is too much to resist as he proceeds to smear it all over his hunky, ripped smooth torso, this surely has to be the shittiest we’ve ever seen him and he’s loving every minute!
A condom of saved piss then ends up emptied over him before the pleasure is too much to take and his cock erupts in a volcano of creamy delicious cum!
This is one epic of shit satisfaction that any true scat connoisseur should not miss!

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