Brown boy in the ring (part2)


Part two of ‘Brown boy in the ring’ and the horny fun continues as our dirty shit smeared boy gets back into his play pool, this time with an arse full of water.
It’s not long before he’s topping up the level in the pool by spewing out his dirty enema water into it, watch as those white socks soon turn the same colour as the rest of his outfit!
A dildo is an accessory no pool party should be with out and he rides it with delight, pounding his cute buns while squirming around in his own piss and poo puree!

For the next scene you can Imagine yourself lying in the bottom of his pool gazing up at Goldenboy’s smooth bubble butt, as he unleashes more torrents of his hot dirty brown butt sludge all over you!
The excitement is finally to much to contain as without touching his throbbing cock it spews forth his sticky white boy batter in a super creamy climatic cum-clusion!

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