Brown Boy in the Ring (part1)


It’s play time for this horny boy and what better place for some kinky fun than in his new play pool!
Dressed in his favourite colour cute crop-top and panties we discover him filling the pool with his own delicious golden warmth as he delightfully sprays his piss all over his taught little body.
After a good dousing it’s time to spread those hairless cheeks and make a brown deposit into the pool too!
So horny to repeat the feeling of pushing out his shit, out comes the re-packer and he takes the entire load back into eager his tight hole, capping it off with his tunnel butt plug. Of course it’s not long before he’s squeezing his creation back through the plug!
So horny for his own boy dung, he can’t help but grab a load of his brown smoothie and smother it in sensual delight all over his equally smooth white body, fisting the remainder back up inside himself!
Some glass dildo play and another hot dowsing in fresh piss over his totally smeared up brown body concludes the first part of this boys poopy play time.

Join him again in part two of this shit flix where he fills his pool even further with his brown delight.

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