Blue Movie (part 1)


We join goldenboyuk back in his play pool for this exquisite blue movie!
Kitted out in his sexy skin tight blue rubber, it’s not long before that gorgeous big cock starts filling the pool with litres of fresh hot piss, perfect for covering himself with and splashing around in his own warm golden delight.
Next it’s time to break the rules when the urge to take a shit overcomes him, delivering a beautiful dump right there in the swimming pool, what a naughty boy!
So excited at seeing his fresh pile of poo, his cock boils over onto his tight hairless balls in an unexpected hands free cum shot!
Then it’s out with the toys to give his smooth dirty hole the working over it deserves, watch as he prises his hole open to take his massive blue dildo and glass wand, resulting in even more shit being released to play with!
Another piss and shit filled spectacular, look out for part 2 for even more piss, shit and enema fun!

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