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About Me


Names Keith. I’m a straight male scat lover, producer, fetishist and NE Ohioan. I also love latex, as you may be able to tell from some of my content. I very much love scat play. I actually prefer play solely from a female partner, but I’m very flexible in play with my own, especially when I’m filming solo.

I’m very skilled at swallowing and I can actually swallow a full bladders worth of urine. For full toilet training with a woman I’m fair, but i think its dependent on if I helped with ideas for the diet the days leading up to it and its consistency.




I’ve been praying for a good woman with the same fetish, it seems like forever to enter my life, or at least the open minded type that wouldn’t object, as a permanent partner. I guess I can dream. I have that. 🙂


I guess I want my viewers to know, by saying this, that Someday this store may be moved over to the couples category.


My content is more geared toward a female audience for now, until I meet that special someone, that truly appreciates scat play as much as myself. I hope you all enjoy my content and it brings you much joy for years to come, cum.





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