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About Me

I love to push and defecate while you watching me.

Pooping and farting during masturbation, playing, sniffing, licking, sucking, smearing my smelly turd to make me cum all over my shit, feel me good.

I like to ejaculate on the poop and covered brown sugar with my sperm.

Farting while playing with my unwashed strong odorous dick, make me cum soo hard.

The better is, farting exactly at the same time when the semen come out, they are my better orgasm.

You like dirty scat boy? I’m yours for your great pleasure…

Open your mouth, your pussy for let me relieving in or give me your hard penis to shitting on while you insert it in my filled anus.

I like to sucking dick and licking slit, if the taste and smell are good, that’s make me cum. A good hard and fat cock in my dirty ass is as good as introduce my dick into the asshole of my girl, she’s my female scat partner.

She’s a popular solo scat model, but we don’t publishing together to each preserve our image…

I love when she poops for her fans, she often receives videos that we like to watch together, there are women, men and especially poop everywhere!

Shitting, pissing, farting to make yourself come or ejaculate is more and more common and so much the better!

There’s nothing like getting in and sliding a big penis up a rectum that’s completely clogged with hard poo. Open it wide and plow it so that the anal pleasure takes hold of the penetrated body and makes it come so hard that the shit ends up coming out of its ass without being able to hold it back.


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