New Seller Setup Guide

There’s a LOT of information on this page, please do read it all! 🙂

ScatShopMen Rules and Terms of Service for Sellers

The rules here are pretty simple.  Here they are in detail:

  1. Payouts: Payouts are on the 1st BUSINESS DAY of the month. USA models are paid via ACH/DirectDeposit (Free, no minimum payout). International Models can receive a Wire Transfer ($45 fee, $500 minimum payout) or a Payoneer US Collection Account deposit (Free, no minimum payout).
  2. Payout Rate: Everything you sell earns you 60%
  3. Private Messages/Contacting Buyers: Payment processors prohibit sharing personal contact information for adult high risk merchants such as ScatShopMen. Therefore, exchanging names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses, or asking buyers to pay you outside of ScatShopMen is expressly prohibited. The only time in which you will receive information regarding a customer is if you have a Custom Request filled and need to ship the buyer an item. When that happens, “scatshopMen” will private message you the shipping address. Exchanging emails or websites disallowed, and may result in your account being terminated and loss of commissions. Our payment processor scans private messages in realtime for compliance, and reviews clips for encoded contact information. If enough infractions occur, the fines are incredibly steep and can result in ScatShopMen losing the ability to process credit cards. That’s why we are extremely strict about disallowing exchanging contact information.
  4. Prohibited Content: Anything that harms you or others is not allowed. Anything involving children is not allowed. This is a poop website. Poop, pee, period, farts, etc…. Content other than that is not intended for this site, that’s more of a Clips4Sale style clip.
  5. Chargebacks: Your account will be debited the commission from any chargeback. If you earned $6 by selling a clip that turns out to be a fraudulent order or a chargeback, the $6 will be debited from your account. We are charged 14.9% to refund fraudulent orders plus 11.9% to charge credit cards, and you are not responsible for this fee, ScatShopMen pays it on your behalf. Your only deduction will be the commission from the actual sale.
  6. Custom Videos & Custom Request Cancellations/Refunds: There is a 25% fee for refunding custom videos and custom requests if you do not fulfill your end of the request. If you refuse the custom video / custom request within 24 hours, there is no fee to refund them. Credit card companies charge us 11.9% to charge a credit card, and 14.9% + $1.00 to refund a credit card. As a result, most of this fee will be charged to your account. Does this mean you HAVE to do custom videos and custom requests no matter what the buyer requests? NO! If you do not want to do it, reply to the private message notifying you of the order within 24 hours and there is no fee. Some models have chosen to accept custom video requests and orders for custom requests and then not fill them for various reasons. After 24 hours have passed, we can not cancel the credit cards authorization for a no-fee refund. If a customers order requires shipping, you must provide customer a tracking number, and are responsible until it shows “Delivered”.
  7. Authenticity: If your video is “fake”, as in you say you’ve pooped but the poop is fake, it will be removed from the site and NO commissions paid for those clips. All videos are required to be 100% authentic. Smearing chocolate and peanut butter on your body that you’ve planted in the wrong part of your panties in the beginning of the video does only two things — make you look bad and make ScatShopMen look bad. And you’ll end up getting suspended for it.
  8. Removing Clips from your store or closing your store: When a customer buys a clip, they have access to the clip for as long as they have access to ScatShopMen. We do not force buyers to download immediately. As such, removing clips from your store is still possible, however, you simply must send the name of the clip to our help centerhe for moving it from a live clip to a hidden/unpurchaseable clip. If you “ninja delete” the file from your listing, your sales will also be ninja refunded to the buyers of that clip because you deleted their access to it, so you dont get paid for giving your customers nothing. 🙂 Should you ever wish to close your store, simply send a private message to scatshopMen requesting so. We will confirm, and upon confirmation, your clips and your store will be permanently removed from ScatShopMen. Once your store or a clip is removed, that store and clip(s) may never appear on the site again as once uploaded, is no longer considered fresh new content.

How You Get Paid

Payouts happen on the first *business* day of the month, for the previous months sales. As example, for February 2015’s videos/items sold, the payout will be sent on Monday, March 2nd 2015. If the 1st was a business day banks were open, it would be sent on the 1st, instead! All models are paid out at the exact same date.

USA Sellers

All USA resident models are required to use ACH DirectDeposit for their payouts. This means, an electronic bank transfer. Payouts are received 24-48 hours after they are sent, incredibly fast! $1 Minimum Payout, $0 Fees for sending the payment. To sign up for DirectDeposit, please open a ticket with your username, bank account # and routing #.

International Sellers

  1. (BEST) Payoneer Global Payment Service – $1 Minimum Payout, $0 Fees for sending the payment – Click to sign up – When the link asks you what business you are receiving money from, indicate “Illusions Online” for “Vendor Commissions” and if it asks you our website, put “”. If you enter ScatShopMen, your Global Payment Service account will not be approved. If you already have a Payoneer Account — YOU STILL MUST SIGN UP FOR THE GLOBAL PAYMENT SERVICE. When you do, you will receive an Account #, and a Routing #. Email that to open a ticket and your Payoneer DirectDeposit account will be setup for your store. You will receive the payment within 24-48 hours of it being sent!
  2. (EXPENSIVE) Wire Transfer – $500 Minimum Payout, $45 Fee for sending the payment. Must have your name, address, and all of the IBAN/SWIFT information to process this payout. Generally received within 1-2 business days.

How to properly edit and encode the perfect video

There’s two ways — The hard way and the easy way. 🙂 The hard way gives you a lot more options, but is very very technical. That’s using Adobe Premiere CC. There’s really no reason to bother with that unless you want to do special effects or are using a 4K UHD Camera, so let’s do it the easy way in this tutorial.

You should have Windows Movie Maker on your computer. Hit Start, type Movie Maker. If you see it, click it to open it up! If you don’t see it, but see ”Live Essentials” instead when you type in Movie Maker, click that and it will download and install Movie Maker.

Once you open Movie Maker, that’s your new video editor! You can trim out sections, add intro videos, and even add a text watermark to your videos (such as for people to remember where they bought the video from!)

  1. First thing is first — Go to the options and under Advanced, UNCHECK “Prepare files for faster editing”. Otherwise, Movie Maker will try to prerender the entire video which can take up a ton of time. Restart Movie Maker to apply that advanced setting.
  2. On the right box, click to open your video that you’ve already imported from your memory card onto your computer. It will then load in Movie Maker.
  3. Add a caption! This is called watermarking your video, and when someone buys it, they will remember where they bought it from. Adding something like will always bring people back to your store to buy more. In Movie Maker, the watermark can only be text, it doesn’t support graphics. The screenshot with the caption on it is just an example and is REALLY big. A good font size would be around 12. If it looks small to you, when it renders, it’ll be larger with a full screen non-shrinked video. Experiment around and see what you like it to be.
  4. If you need to trim the video or cut parts out of it, this is the time you should do that. Click on the Edit tab at the top, and you’ll see all of the tools you can use.
  5. Great! Now all of the editing is complete. Now it’s time to save your finished video. Click on the Home tab, and then on the right, Save Movie. A dropdown window will appear, go ahead and choose “Create Custom Setting” all the way at the bottom. THIS IS WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS! Choose a name, let’s call it “ScatShopMen Video Rendering” as you see in the screenshot below. The width and height should be autofilled for you, in this example, you see 1920×1080 a the width/height. For Bit rate, choose 8000 Kbps. This is the biggest factor in how large your video will be. 8000 Kbps is the ideal size for a high quality downloaded video and will keep your video download size to something reasonable, but with exceptional quality. Leave the frame rate and audio settings the default, and click Save, and then Save again, and then Close.
  6. Now go ahead and click Save Movie again, and this time, select your ScatShopMen Video Rendering from the bottom of the list. A window will open, prompting you for a filename. Let’s call this one pooalexa-greenscreen.mp4. Make sure the “Save as type” is “MPEG-4/H.264 Video File” and NOT Windows Media Video File. The MPEG-4/H264 setting is universal, works on all laptops, desktops, operating systems, smartphones iOS and Android. There is no better type to save as!
  7. That’s it! Your finished! Movie Maker will being to save the video. Depending on the size, it may take a little while, but when it’s done it will be the perfectly encoded video you expect, with an optimal file size, resolution, bitrate and watermark. Next step, is to upload it to ScatShopMen! 🙂

Of course, Movie Maker is just basic. Once you get comfortable with Movie Maker, try something cooler, like Adobe Premier. Premier has such a huge variety of options, and is used to make Hollywood movies, too! There’s free trials to try on

How to Create Video Screenshots With Very Little Effort

One of the most annoying part of making videos has to be getting screenshots of them. Let’s change that, and make it simple and automatic. 🙂

First thing you need to do, is download and install AMT (Auto-Movie-Thumbnailer). ( CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD (Windows, 16MB) ). The software is freeware, and virus free. You can install it with the default options.

Next, we need to configure AMT to do exactly what we want it to do. Make multiple screenshots of every video in your videos folder. Follow the screenshots below, and make your settings identical:

1 – Select the folder on your computer that holds all of your videos.

2 – Set “Dedicated Output Directory” to a new folder on your computer where you want all of your screenshots to save to. I save mine to a folder in my Videos directory named “Screenshots” that way everything is in my video folder.

3 – Skip Creating File – This means that if the screenshot already exists, dont make it again.

4 – Dont use Timer Function

5 – When you first install, this will be populated with a bunch of garbage. Delete every line except the one that has the word “Else” in it. Then change the “Number of Thumbnails” to 8, and the “Per Row” to 4. This means you will create 8 screenshots of each video. If you want more than 8, just change the number to whatever you like.

6 – Select “ScreenCaps + Individual Frames (.png, original size).

7 – When all the options are configured as in the screen shots, click “Start Processing”! It will begin to make screenshots of EVERY movie in your folder selected in option #1. On average it will take about 10 seconds to make the screenshots for one video.

Voila! Now you have screenshots of ALL the videos you’ve made! But what happens when you make more videos and need screenshots? Easy! Just open AMT, and click “Start Processing” again. It will skip all the videos that are already done and just process the new ones.

Creating Animated GIF screenshots increase individual clip sales by 260%! Take those 8 screencaps you have and go to: – Once there set the Animation Speed to “750” milliseconds. That’s a great time for the speed. The rest of the settings you can tinker around with and then it will create the GIF for you. Just upload the new GIF file as your featured image, and your set! Alternatively, is another GIF maker that you upload a video to that will do all of this for you without requiring screenshots.

If you have any questions, open a ticket and we’ll be back fast!

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