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  • Apply to be a vendor!

    Welcome to Scatshop! :) Here's what you need to do to get started: Verify your identity - Please send in a help ticket with a copy of your Valid Drivers License -or- Passport, or other form of government issued photo id. If you are a STUDIO, we need photo IDs of the females in the videos, as well as the individual representing the studio. 

    Also attach a second photo of you and any other models holding the photo ID where their face is visible to compare/confirm identity. Review the seller signup info - You can read the Seller FAQ here: Seller Sign-up Information

    Setup your profile and avatar - You can configure your profile and your avatar before being approved. Login and at the top, click "Profile".

    Once your ID is received and verified you are over the age of 18, your account will be reviewed to see if you qualify to be an approved seller on Scatshop. If you are, you'll receive a welcome email with full instructions on how to configure your store, how to get setup to receive payouts, upload clips, etc... It's really quite easy to do, the site is very easy to operate :)


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